Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's the time to party!

By - Abhijit
Everyone, get ready! It's time to party once again. Let us stop bothering about the 2G and Adarsh Scams, let us forget that one more budget has given nothing to people, let us forget that the petrol prices and inflation are now going through the roof, let us also stop bothering about the nuclear catastrophe in Japan and the upcoming one at Jaitapur... because, the great party of all times is coming! Yes, India meets Pakistan in the semi-final of the world cup! That is the one thing we have been waiting for years, that is the magic cure of everything and it is here! Let 's party folks !

We are common people and common people have nothing to bother about the mundane problems like poverty, illiteracy, health and environment... All we need is our daily dose of media extravaganza and hysteria and we'll happily forget everything! See, when the likes of PMs, CMs, Prince Charming, Cricket Minister who also sells onions, and even the heart-throbs of Bollywood are dying for this event, how can we, their loyal followers, be left behind! We were, we are, we'll be there!

Tomorrow we'll religiously watch all the commercials, and forget that in the end, it is the sponsors who win and not India or Pakistan. One a side note, we don't have to forget it, because we never wanted to care for it -- that we the people of India not only SHARE ALL OUR PROBLEMS, BUT SHARE THE CRICKET HYSTERIA TOO with the Pakistanis. Tomorrow, we'll have only one thing to achieve in life -- beat Pakistan in the match. Nothing else, even recovering of all the money of 2G scam from Reliance, Tatas, Birlas, Mittals, will match it!
We'll happily buy all the products that Dhoni will sell to us, and just keep dreaming of those products for which we don't have that much money, because it is THEY WHO SOLVE all our problems. How does it matter even if that is only for one day, is there anyone else who can solve it even for one day?

Earlier they used to say that liquor is the solution. It makes you forget what you are, helps you forget agonies of your life, and takes you to that heaven where the world looks faltoooo..... Today that place is taken by Cricket. What a wonderful world we are living in. No longer individual solutions -- now we live on the mass consumption of the mass's addiction - cricket!

Well, we never demanded it... we never demanded one after another cricketing matches.. Just 7 days after the world cup and IPL will start... we did not demand that also. But you know, there some people who are always caring for our problems, and they knew how to solve them. So they created the IPL and the world cup and see.. the world is going ahead. Earlier there used to be one cup every 4 years, now there is one almost every 3 months.

We really love this manufactured life, consciously created world of cricket! 100 years back when the Gandhis and Bhagat-Singhs were fighting for freedom, could they ever imaging this kind of a solution to the problems of the country? Never! It is only the Airtels, Coca Colas, Hondas, Tatas, Arevas, POSCOs, Reliances, and all their brethren who could think of it! How kind of them of bestowing us with the honour of watching one cup after another!

Ignorance is bliss.Tomorrow the entire nation will curse Pakistan, taking revenge of all the hunger, poverty, corruption, illiteracy and everything! What a wonderful way to solve the problems. The Pakistanis, we're sure will do the same thing! But ultimately the one who wins the match has got the problems solved -- so we must win the match! Sachin, you must score your grand-ton, otherwise how can India's score on Human Development Index rise?

On a more personal note, we the people of Pune also want India to win because some restaurant has promised one Misal-Pav free on another if India Wins, Some Car seller has promised discounts, Some NGO has promised us free dessert on purchased food ... We're sure the government will announce holiday for one day if India wins!

Don't worry that Bastar is burning, bring all the fiddles, we are ready to play them!

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