Monday, February 4, 2008

Home Coming

Planets are sleeping
Covered by black sheet with blinking stars

All darkness filled with joy or may be with sadness
Which not a substance of concern

Hunted by a scream
Dragged by grasses
Tasted by old wine
A homecoming is always good

Same old corridor
Same dust of the narrow road of the hills

A homecoming is always good
Because I smell of roasted fish
From my grand mother’s kitchen

Devoured memory of
The polished old chair of my grand father

Entering the asteroid belt near Saturn
And floating there waiting for fly by to Mars

Looking from standing on Titan
Dancing dolphins
Leaping, jumping around earth

I heard wolfs are howling
Sound of scream only imagery things on ground blackness of universe

Authority clearance not still announced
My earth entry card is not sanctioned

Floating on asteroid belt
Still fantasize that
A homecoming is always good

Worth waiting
If you wrapped by dark black sheet with blinking stars

[Video: "Ce Leis" by Maire Brennan of Clannad ]

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Marie said...

Lovely poem! Thanks for visiting my blog.

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