Thursday, February 21, 2008

KAFKA: Father of all blogger

As I new in blog arena after visiting lot of blog I realized that if internet exists on time when Kafka was alive he would be number one blogger of the world ever. Most of blogger seems to me as inheritor of writing legacy of Kafka.

Above all we might get some of more beautiful writings by Kafka if he able to use internet as blogger. And we might not lost his writings as his some of major writings already lost. His companion Dora destroyed some of his writings after his death. Only his loyal friend Max Board saved his writings and published those remaining to the world.

I think Joyace or Camus never been a blogger. Sartre might use blogging for his activities.
Even great Tolstoy might use blogging for writing letter to reader and for messages. But might not for his major literacy works.

Just visualizing that after all day work Kafka came to his house, he had his dinner and he sat in front of his laptop and start writing up to late night. This characteristic suits same as a blogger. More then publishing for print, Kafka wrote for living, existence, it was an urge, urge for expressing, communicating and reach out to other people.
Another great author Virginia Woolf also might possible of being a blogger. But Kafka suppresses all. The authenticity, style and sensitiveness all evoke through writings of Kafka and bloggging suits his kind of writing.

Of course blogging would come to him as bliss and he might use most of it. And now lot of blogger just follows his tradition of writings which fitted to Kafka style.

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