Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Night is scheduled for dreaming
and love making
Night is scheduled for all sleeping child
Night is scheduled for those women who sing lullaby
Night is scheduled for all those fungus which are everywhere

Night herself is asking for to be scheduled
whole way
because Day is jealous

she is asking to the farmer and the doctor
she is asking to the murderer and the prostitute
sometime she is asking to the project manager and the terrorist
she is asking also to the homeless beggar
she is begging all to scheduled her as own way, as they wish
because Day is jealous
because Day is rich and big fat gambler

at distance 3.468AU on Ceres (Main-belt Asteroid)
an the surface of Ceres
emerged with a mixture of water ice and various hydrated minerals
like carbonates and clays
hopefully an ocean of liquid water
surrounded by a tenuous atmosphere containing water vapour
now I planed for shifting to Vesta (Main-belt Asteroid)

For a better look at

age old game of Night and Day
they both best at when they
perform as romeo and juliet at Cityhall theatre
or sometime looks tired
as they both fight with heavy rain
they separated in the mall
and Night cry alone
and Day cry alone

and miserable
when they absorbing cosmic rays

so lucrative those games
and passionate and engaging also

and I know darkness surround me
set a perspective
so can’t scheduled any of them

[Video: Return Of The Elohim 2012 - Earth Rise by EQUINOX ]

2 Earthling’s comments:

Renegade Eye said...

The poem mixes with the dreamy music.

noni said...

I wish reader shouldn’t mislead by video I posted along with my poems.
Content are different from each other. May be an advantage of technology that we able to put video along with text as we have in print for text with images.
It is intentional to put those video along with words of my poems for visual perceptive and perspective which may gives more insight to my poems and attitude of words.

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