Thursday, June 5, 2008

losing you at Milky Way’s lost arms

realized those times
writing a journal of
demons and angels
making deal with own
demons and angels

and losing you at Milky Way’s lost arms

all faded memories
and those pairs of White-winged Wood Ducks
lie on core of Milky Way’s lost arms

here in this shifted corner of Milky Way
if you not found a river along side Bodhi tree
that not in our progressive chart
if you not found an Enya’ song
that not in our legal procedures

we can offer you thousand methods of killing
so leave a message or call us
but if you don't  recognize yourself
after those great assignment and hunting
that not our obligation
because all for your amusement
and you are warned
as any complain is prohibited,
if you can’t face yourself in mirror
no more caring
for losing recognizable fact of own self
but glad at breeding rate of transformation

again losing you at Milky Way’s lost arms

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