Friday, June 20, 2008

a S.O.S message from my friend

Hi xxxxx

Today is the 7th day; we are cutoff from the rest of the world. No water, no road communication, even no regular supply of current. Roads, four quarter wash away by flood. We are surviving on the relief supplied the District Administration, Lower Subansiri, Zero, Arunachal Pradesh. NEEPCO is producing electricity not flood water. It is very unfortunate that this type of a picture is giving by our print and electronic media to the people. Last Friday day around 12am at night the water level started rising. Within 2 and half hours (i.e up to 2:30 am .at night), 7.50 miters of water rose. At that time we could not inform any body and there is no system to predict flood before hand. So we bound to release water gradually, otherwise it would had break the DAM. Because of the Dam we could divert 160 Cubic Metre of water to Dicrong River. Up to 567 Metre of water we kept in our reservoir. The flood water is not only from Ranganadi River but from many tributary falls in Ranganadi. So the only cause of flood is not NEEPCO. It cause of mainly environmental damages done by human. This flood breaks all previous records. Our road, i.e. from NEEPCO to North Lakhimpur (in hill portions) is very badly damaged by fresh flood. Many portion of the road in the hill portions are washed away just like NH-52 near Ganeshmandir. To make it commute, it will take many months. I am worried for my children. No more today.

With regards

[The place friend talking about is Arunachal pradesh. Assam, Orissa and West Bengal already under flood and lakhs of peoples displaced, effected heavily. All natural or man made????]

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Renegade Eye said...

Your post puts a human face on the issue.

Lutchi said...

thanks for the comment. Have a great Sunday.

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