Monday, August 4, 2008

Montage of pieces: Oil, Inflation, War and Currency etc

Standard Oil Co. was written in 1940 by Pablo Neruda, translated from Spanish by Jack Schmitt and recited by Allen Dwight Callahan.

below few line of his words.....
They buy countries, people, seas, police, county councils,
distant regions where the poor hoard their corn
like misers their gold:
Standard Oil awakens them,
clothes them in uniforms, designates
which brother is the enemy.
the Paraguayan fights its war,
and the Bolivian wastes away
in the jungle with its machine gun.
A President assassinated for a drop of petroleum,
a million-acre mortgage,
a swift execution on a morning mortal with light, petrified,
a new prison camp for subversives,
n Patagonia, a betrayal, scattered shots
beneath a petroliferous moon,
a subtle change of ministers
in the capital, a whisper
like an oil tide,
and zap, you’ll see
how Standard Oil’s letters shine above the clouds,
above the seas, in your home,
illuminating their dominions.
Such a foresight, if he alive today he would have seen more.
James Petras wrote:

"Inflation is the great solvent that dissolves paternalistic ties between employers and workers, landowners and peasants, clientele-patronage regimes and the urban poor and sets in motion violent protests against private property and previously popularly elected regimes. Historical religious, clan, party, ethnic, tribal, caste and other differences are temporarily suspended, as Hindus and Moslems in India, Communists and Christians in the Philippines, peasants and workers in China, industrial workers and public employees in Egypt, blacks and mulattos in Haiti…join together in sustained mass protests against inflation which profoundly and visibly erodes their living standards from week to week, in some cases from one day to another."

 more on this article : Inflation and the Spectre of World Revolution

Inflation impact: Zimbabwean currency, the bank note above is the highest denomination note ever released in any country.
Hyperinflation in Zimbabwe

These pieces are easily connected and we found a clear basic picture as a result or a montage output.

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