Wednesday, August 13, 2008


 Some recent sketches (using color black)

Learning color black from Van Gogh on the moon


Walking with  Albert Camus on the moon

Conversation with  Virginia Woolf on the moon

Grandmother is feeding seeds to sparrow on the moon

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danzrev said...

Wow! it's so nice to look into your sketches are all this related to you?

Regards have a nice day!!!

Sharemyart. said...

WOW. Your sketches are amazing, I am dumbfounded, could my scribbles have inspired you? I hope so, but of your captions?
WOW. Your story telling is astonishing, I am engrossed, could my subtext have directed you? I hope so, but of your style?
WOW. Your grasp of tone is astounding, I am enthralled, could my texture have alured you? I hope so, but of your colour?
WOW. Your marking skills are professional, I am challenged, could my eraser have mistified you, I hope so, but of your graffiti?
Your work has inspired me to write this comment. Indeed I will post this as a poem on


DQ said...

WoW!! How do I respond to that gush of expressions ye left behind for me?

A simple Thank You, for your enormous Inspiration!!
Wonder how you landed in my ocean from thy Sea~~~

I must say Am I reading an intellectual here?
Lots you got here, Poetry too woHOoo!!

Will jump in here to see more of around...

Psst: Your website has much difficulty in operating, gets frozen time and again, and fonts walk like sticks...

Thank You Once again...

dq said...

Went to see van Gogh museum i amsterdam, though i dont even know how to draw a circle...but his art was throbbing within those walls..something would not let you walk out with a feeling of him besides you...

how do I praise thy art?

Dark are the shades, darker the night...yet ye make it bright!!

prarthana said...

Hi, indeed superb the photograph, after going through it details i will leave comment

noni said...

Danzrev: thx…ya may be….but you can impose yourself there (anyone can)..and it will be personal to u…

Sharemyart:….thx….it is great compliments….i already feel weight of responsibility.

As per inspiration…those images ..perspectives ..vivid etc are developed from my teen times….(hopefully others works also will post someday…as Pluto series is my personal favorite) and not exposed to outer world…only to a limited circle. Now here it is a vast platform technically and geographically for everybody.

But I can say … “we are in the same boat brother”.

DQ: thx….for your dropping by.
Always welcome
You enter my site like thunder…wind ….. ever jolliness.
The thing “intellectual” create distance….
commn… I just love things, like things…share things ..that’s all..

Van gogh was saint… stood there always as a guiding light.
He is just there with all the treasure he dug up with all his life….
All we need to do is just take it.
And recalling here what an astronaut said while space walking looking at earth from space, ”here is life … existence of blue white, brown. But just opposite way vast darkness. A scary pit hole.. endless..) Van gogh, once he moved from his Scandinavian native (as from hazy cloudy sky, atmosphere) to southern French, he amazed by bright sunlight….and discovered the phenomenon, its value, spiritual value. Those are really insight and he conceived that foresight what an astronaut practically see today. so he gives his see things and feel things accordingly.

Thx for your feedback on site technicality. I will looks to the mater. (It is best viewed through firefox or IE 7)

Prarthana: thx …for visiting
Welcome again.

readerswords said...

All of the above are very imaginative. I especially liked the ones on Van Gogh because it reminded me of one of Namdeo Dhasal's poems where he reminds Gogh that he forgot to paint the black color in his paintings.

Alina Chau said...


noni said...

@readerswords: thx...
ven gogh last black stroke of brush was "crows" on his last painting

@Alina Chau: thx...for comment and visiting

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