Thursday, September 11, 2008

untouchable EARTH reviewed

Shen reviewed untouchable EARTH on The Blog Reviewer

REVIEW #168. A blog with a cool header that simply amazes me. It has long posts and articles that are well articulated and are of original content. Indeed each post is an interesting read. This is what for me summarizes the blog, Untouchable Earth. I do not know why the blogger called it that way but I certainly know that he had his reasons.

I have to scroll down and skim read all of the posts in the first page in order to see what the blog is all about and I find posts which are highly commendable. These posts touches the very core of the human being in us. The analysis of the film which he had reviewed recently was not an ordinary review but an in-depth review relating each movie to real life.


    * Layout - 7
    * Content - 9
    * Coherence - 9
    * Reach - 6
    * Readability - 7
    * Overall Rating - 7.6

It seems the .6 factor is still happening but anyway the only problem with the layout and the readability is the unindented first paragraph sentence or too close paragraphs. Which makes it a no-no for writing. The layout is pretty good although it has one sidebar and a continues running of blog posts which makes the reading continues but would definitely make the page hard to load for some.

I would also suggest a 'Read More' widget for some of the lengthy articles so that the posts will be pushed up. A blogger who engages in social network which if properly done could enhance the blogs reach.

Well I highly recommend everyone to come and visit Untouchable Earth.

Thank you SHEN

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