Friday, October 3, 2008

Hope you fine

It’s cool here
I only have a blanket

Rations are almost finished
And I keep messaging them
This time I request them for a radio
As I am roaming here
A radio may be my good companion
And those song

Yesterday a deep space shuttle landed here
As break journey

They carrying the message
Along with foods

As you burned there
As your body blasted
While you were buying some tomatoes
You lied there along with tomatoes

You want cucumber and honey bee
That you want for your skin care
You dreamed for an actress
You die there
And your body shot multiple times

You want the new video game
This just arrived
And you die there before playing it
Your body scattered to nothing
With your school bags
And Tiffin box that your mother prepared

Belief burns another belief
And you die there to ashes
Along with your children and wife

You die by yourself

You never able to pay landlord
You didn't able to cultivate
you mean life as enemy within

I told them   
Look, give me the radio
That I requested
I helpless in this out post
You know Pluto is very cold
Not bothering about nitrogen ice
Smell of Methane and carbon monoxide
Some time patrolling
two smaller moons Nix and Hydra
I don’t have any complain
For my job as watchman here
Just give me a radio
And those songs may be good companions
As always you have the news
Burned alive, killed on blast
Shot on chest multiple times

Only I wish
Hope you fine

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