Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Papon' Song and Pranam's Direction

Where I would go
Where I would go
Where I would go
[Allap, an Indian classical interlude]    

Nights of moon and moonlight
Why they needs to come
In every tune
Paintings are drawn    

Memoirs of your eyes make me weep at nighttime
And your syrupy grin still makes me laugh quietly

Why tonight all the fire flies are making your picture
Of course I never able to stop thinking about you

Where are you now
For whom you are waiting for now
Songs belongs to whom you are singing now

Then don’t appear in my dream
As devastation is just placed on

Last time I met him on his set and he was shooting for his film. And before that I was with him SRFTI editing room and he was showing me his and diploma films of his fellow students very enthusiastically. Then we were on our own path and have not met again.

Now I just suddenly discovered this music video that directed, edited and shot by him.
I made inquiry for his phone number and when I phoned him, Pranam told me that he directed this video. It is also one of the best music video in Assamease music domain. I like the mood that camera generated in the video and through his editing he evaluates the elation when the song explore its terms. Camera settled in a perspective of gentle low angle and is pitching along with the song. A drama also created through out the scene as we see after singing singer and his music associates just left the auditorium. Appearance of an authoritarian looking person is only person who is listening to them in the empty auditorium. The tonal value of light condition also helped the totality of the video in presentation. So audience can involve in the ambiance and sucked in the story, mood and atmosphere.

Now Pranam is working as an very responsible official to govt. of Assam, but I hope he will arise again and warm up himself to deliver his gift of creativeness. As a Satyajit Ray film institute born student he was never compromising to what we associated with as formula, cliché oriented kingdom of films, whether it regional Indian films or mainstream films. But Pranam has the gift of deliver uniqueness.





Angaraag Mahanta(Papon) is one of the finest contemporary Assamease singer. He is gifted and genuine. He comes from a great music family. Papon already on roll and is rocking.  Some how traditionally he is in the line of a legendary singer of Assam, Jayanta Hazarika. It is not a comparison, but as viewpoint in similarity of passion and innovation.
Music, Lyrics, Vocal: Angaraag Mahanta
Direction, Camera, Editing: Pranam Dutta Mazumdar

Language of the song: Assamese

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he's good, and a great voice! i've heard of him but never got a chance to listen. thanks for the link :-) am going to try and find his album now!

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