Friday, November 28, 2008

Jayanta and his exhibition "sleepless night"

The road

Hangs on nails

While walking toward moon


Alpins on red quilt

Jayanta says in his own word:
Compared to the endless spectrum of ever changing human civilization,my
Quantum of experience is miniscule.

I feel myself bound and tied down by the troubled and rest less mental state imposed by todays World,
I have just discovered that I am going through a very
Different visualization ,….inside the city bus, market,
When buying vegetable,inside the staffroom, shopping
Mall ,temple,mosque,or church, when roasting chiken,even during making love with my women…

Everywhere all the moments,strait penetrate my nerves,, Soporifically Iam painting a Golden sim card,which may looks like a tribes demon(ancient)
Or,,a chest shield of a unknown warrior,….. fossil of flies…

I walk across the busy footpath,over bridge ,playgrounds and parade grounds.,..I watch the setting Sun through the small window…of citybus.


Born in Tuichindrai, a small tribal village of tripura, Jayanta Bhattacharya grew up in a lower middle class joint family. He grew up at a time (eighties) when Tripura was passing through turbulent times due to the community clashes between tribals and Bengalis of Tripura.The continous riots, curfew and violence had a profound affect on jayanta who was then only a child.

Later on he passed out from the Govt College of Art and craft, Agartala. However his restless mind made him travel all the country like a vagabond. He visited Shantiniketan, then Orissa, New Delhi, Assam and many other places.He attended several workshops and group exhibitions.

Presently he is based at Guwahati. He has plans of starting some site-specific work and a documentation of Riang tribes of Tripura

His web site: About a Refugee

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