Friday, December 12, 2008

Pork with Bamboo Shoot - Angami Naga style)

Thevo Chu ( Pork with Bamboo Shoot - Angami style) a Naga receipe posted at  Northeasterner.
(The Angami are one of the major Naga tribes of Nagaland, India.)
Written by toinalisema 
Toinali Sema is a Delhi based research scholar. She likes writing and is a big time foodie. She is heavily into poetries, specially poetry that focuses on the 'North East'.


    * 750 grams pork
    * Fermented bamboo shoot (1 medium tablespoon)
    * Red chilli powder (4 tea spoons)
    * Pepper (10-15 flowers); can use grinded pepper as an alternative
    * Ginger (10 grams)
    * Garlic (5 big cloves)
    * Salt
    * Water

To make curry paste
Make a paste of ginger and garlic and keep it aside.
Cut the bamboo shoots into small sizes of 1 cm each. Measure a 1 tablespoon bamboo shoot and keep it aside. Use the bamboo-shoot water minimally.


Cut the pork into medium sized pieces and place it in a cooking pot. Add salt to it and enough water to immerse the pork. In a medium-high flame, cook the meat and salt for 30 minutes or until the pork is half cooked. Add the bamboo-shoot along with its water and stir the mixture until dry. Add some water and cook the meat until it is cooked or the water is almost dry. Add in the ginger and garlic paste, pepper (10-15 flowers) and chilli powder and stir for about 2-3 minutes. (Make sure there is just enough water in the dish so that it does not burn.) Add some more water and let it boil for another 5 minutes. The curry formed should be medium thick. Serve hot with rice.
[ Try it.  If some one kick you from behind,  you will not leave the Thevo Chu table then also.]

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nitesh said...

I remember tasting something close to this or maybe this don't exactly know. Miss my North East friends and my Boarding:)

aria said...

can't have pork .. hoping you'd post some yummy veggie recipes in future :)

noni said...

Hi Nitesh...
thx for comment...actually magic is here is not the pork but the bamboo shoot..with bamboo shoot the pork is amazing and become "Thevo Chu"

hi Aria..
of course i will try on post veggi staff too..bamboo shoot is an veggie staff can be try different way also.. even as pickle

Renegade Eye said...

That sounds terrific to me.

Send me your own recipe at my email address on my profile. I have a food and blogging series. I post a blogger's recipe snd talk about their blog. See this.

noni said...

Renegade Eye@

ok..will try to post my own...(as sometime i adventurous in kitchen..without thinking result... heh...)

thx for link...that too wonderful....

Anonymous said...

Pls no veggie. Can't have those.

Anonymous said...

Made the receipe. It turned out yummy. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful dish.

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