Thursday, February 12, 2009

An Enslaved Mind: A short strory by Saurov Kumar Chaliha

An Enslaved Mind

By Sourabh Kumar Chaliha
Translation: Roshmi Bora Das
[Rashmi Bora Das is a graduate student in Public Administration in the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. This story is a translation of the original in Assamese called ``Gulaam.'' ] 
``The children beam with joy when it snows in Guwahati in the months of November and December. Roads, roof-tops, flowers, trees and vehicles - everything gets covered with snow. It is as if the town becomes clad in a single white garment. The world appears flooded in white transparent rays of light. At times, the water in the lakes freezes. Sporting colourful caps and snow boots, the children play outdoors with their skis, sledges and roller skates. They throw snowballs at one another. They shout in abandon joy and slide down the ice. They ski on the slopes of the hills.''

``With great pleasure, Anju and Ranju also skate across the icy lake in front of their house. The water in the lake has frozen. Constant snowfall during the night has made the snow almost as high as the banks. The slopes in front of Runumi's house are also covered with snow. She is sliding down the slopes with her little sister in a wheeled wooden box.''

``Buttoning our jackets right up to our necks, we walk outdoors to inspect the snow. The morning breeze cuts through our cheeks and uncovered ears like prickly needles. See, the boys are making a snowman! Opening the snow-covered gate, Herr Baruah walks to the main road. He is wearing a blue scarf around his neck. He had parked his car in front of the house and is now searching for it. But the snow has made it look like an igloo. Well! How can he now get into the car?''

``Frau Baruah steps out of the house and waves Herr Baruah a good-bye. She wants to check if there are any letters in the mail-box. Even the mail-box is covered with snow and ice. She warms her hands by rubbing them against her apron, and starts scraping the ice from the box.''  

read the full story here

[The real reading only can be achieved in original language of the story, so some original flavor might missed out here in translation as always it happen in translation, and this world is full of such diverse originality which are dominated/hidden under shadow of mainstream English]

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