Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Capitalism,sport and IPL

The Indian Premier League was today shifted to another country with amid speculation that England or South Africa would be the venue for the second edition of the high-profile event. The decision to shift the Twenty20 tournament out of the country was taken at the BCCI's emergency Working Committee meeting here to take a final decision on the cash-rich event which had run into rough situation because of security apprehensions. In other way as Chief commissioner of IPL, Mr Lalit Modi  said that” IPL matches are seen more then 90% in TV”, so that whole extravaganza of IPL becomes merely a TV show to BCCI or IPL authority. And more then sports its all about a commodity sale for Indian buyers as it will broadcast at Indian 8 pm prime time. This is also another process of making peoples just a cluster of spectators, but not participant to active sports of any kinds.

"Because of the attitude of the government that they are not ready to spare security forces for the cricket tournament... We are forced to take the decision to move the event out of India," BCCI President Shashank Manohar told a press conference.

"So the Board has decided to take the tournament out of the country. We are in discussion with other Boards who are willing to host the event. I apologise to the people of India for moving the tournament out,"
Manohar said.

By the way these above excuses never worked enough.
Excerpt from the article:
Ordinary people, however, are denied elementary sporting facilities and are reduced to couch potatoes, confined to being mere viewers of events on television. The excitement and spontaneity that comes out of actual participation in sports has been drained from people’s lives. Sachin Tendulkar and other stars learnt their cricket in the compounds of their buildings or in lanes and alleys. But even these spaces are now beyond the reach of the common people.

Children now spend more time on games on computer screens than outdoors. Exercise and play have to be a natural part of our lives like reading, talking or eating. But people are now reduced to a captive television audience, mere eyeballs to watch commercials of giant companies packaged with sports.

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Parv Kaushik said...

so true u echo my thoughts... they are so much concernd about the money and the event tht they care 2 hoots that india needs to focus on the elections which are all importnt for the country right now... nice thoughts!

Ottayan said...

Any cricket is better than no cricket.:)

noni said...

@Parv Kaushik: glad to see u after long time....

@Ottayan said: thx for comment and visit

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