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Saramati tears by ABIOGENESIS


In Nagaland Saramati hill range is the biggest in the mountain range of Nagaland and is situated on the extreme south east of the state. At 3841 mt , Saramati Peak is highest in Nagaland and it remains snow covered during winter. The mountain range is covered with rich , natural and diverse forests , visible at various altitudes , ranging from sub-tropical ever green and semi ever green to temperate broad leaved and Alpine vegetation. It also has good bio-diversity with natural flora and fauna and various kinds of orchids.

"Saramati tears" This track describes the anquished of Mt Saramati, the tallest peak in Nagaland, India caused by the fratricide state Nagaland is in. It appeals for peace love and harmony.
"Abiogenesis" is into experimental music and their tireless effort has resulted in developing a new genre which they have named it Howey Music. It's a fusion of Naga Folk tunes with modern rock. Another outstanding feature is that they play a new wind musical instrument made of bamboo which was invented by a band member- Moa Subong . Bamhum was unveiled by the Governor of Meghalaya during the International Bamboo festival on 3rd May 05 at Shillong. Meghalaya. Abiogenesis is the only band in the world that palys Howey music and the Bamhum.
Their album "Rustic Relish" was listed in the 51st Grammy Awards in 4 categories. And "Aeon Spell" was listed for the 50th Grammy Awards in two categories for the Best Contemporary World Music Album and as Best Rock Performance by a duo or group with vocals.

This Band has an extra ordinaire female vocalist Moa Subong who can Rock like the legendary Janis Joplin and at the same time melt your heart with her sweet voice resulting in songs never heard before.In addition, there are some harmonica instrumental tracks to sooth every mood. Howey Rock, a new form of music developed by Abiogenesis. It is unique and melodic. Not satisfied with just playing mainstream music and their hunger to take music to a higher level, the band went further into exploration & experimentation which resulted in a new form of world music which they have named `Howey`. Howey is a sound developed by Moa & Arenla of Abiogenesis and it is a fusion of Naga (Tribe in India) Folk and modern music.Most of the tracks have the Bamhum as the leading instrument.Ofcourse the band plays other genres too.


Band members:
Arenla: Vocals / Lead Bamhum. Only female member.
Moa : Guitar/Bamhum/Harmonica and main composer of the band.
Longden: Lead guitar An accomplish classical guitarist.
Kongdir: Bass. Also an accomplish classical guitarist too.
Imli: Drums/Percussions

Mao Subong said: "Music comes from the heart and can penetrate one's heart. So, through music we are trying to appeal for love, peace and harmony among various sections of the people. And I am sure, music can move the mountain, a small child to even the elderly. It can shed tears. It can make you laugh. So, I am very certain that with music the band can reach out to each and everyone's heart."

Arenla, his co musician, said: "We have made a space on the cultural thing, so that our culture is also not lost. So, we have picked something from our folk tunes to incorporate it with modern tune, thus making our culture to live again."

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Abiogenesis said...

Slice of Heaven-Abiogenesis New Album Released.

Abiogenesis has released their 3rd album titled ‘Slice of Heaven’ with 10 original songs through APH Records and it’s collaborating International Music Labels and marketing companies like CD Baby, Create Space, Amazon, Apple itunes, Napsters, Equal Dreams, Songstall etc an marketed in India by UM PRO RECORDS.
The album is being promoted by the band’s representatives like Big Noise in USA and Night Owl Management in Sweden. Big Noise is an award-winning Independent A&R Firm specializing in Artist Development and Music Promotion & Publicity
The album is Rock based but years of experimentation has given an eclectic genre bending tone to their sound. The songs are rare and uniquely crafted with a melodic touch.. The album was recorded from January to April 2010 and the audio was recorded and edited by Imli Subong at the bands Soul Speak Studio in Dimapur
The album has Arenla on vocals and bamhum, Moa on Guitar,Bamhum and Harmonca, Imli on Drums, Larry from Meghalaya is on Bass and Daniel from Assam is on Lead Guitar and Jews Harp.
Links for Slice of Heaven.:

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