Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Up There

40 years ago some earthlings landed on the moon. Those earthlings landed on a place which was out of this world. That said symbolically something huge and its mean lot for human philosophically, although it was a scientific milestone in human history.

I used to read Flash Gordon comics in my teens and those were amazing reading time with wonderful graphics of outer world, space travel, cosmic perspective, time wrap, space adventure etc.  This picture (taken from the Moon in Apollo Mission) is one of my favorite pictures. It depicts a perspective which one now very much real, not like a fantasy adventure of Flash Gordon. The perspective which is altered our outlook as seeing things from earth perspective in opposite way. This picture let you allow sit outside of this world and you can participate in Einstein’s vision/experiment imaginatively and this picture and perspective let you allow to falling in love with 3rd planet of Sun Solar System called earth.

“Gatatri  Amavasya” was celebrated yesterday, from this day onward people of some part of India use to not eat Non-Veg/Alcohol for complete one month as this month from Indian calendar treated as sacred month traditionally.

Yes, I have got an invitation from a friend and I had some good eating/drinking time and spent a complete gambling night (teen patti/three cards, lose some money as end result).

2 Earthling’s comments:

aria said...

aww gambling? I hope you didn't lose much.

noni said...


yes.it is teen patti..thx for your comfort words..this time i lose some good moeny

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