Wednesday, August 5, 2009

TSE2009 at Tawang - Arunachal Pradesh

My ill luck that I was not able to been places  where TSE2009  occurred fully , even in my place visibility was 90%, but we missed the phenomenon due to raining. 

JVP (Jyoti Vidya Parishantha) was on TSE2009 mission at Arunachal Pradesh, here some pics taken by Parimal Dave. Parimal is an amateur astronomer.

Part of his message:

Hi ......

We arrived back just yesterday night. We missed the Corona but could see the eclipse though the clouds.


Solar Halo - 22 degree halo as observed from Tawang town

Eclipse - partial phase
Eclipse - partial phase 
 Eclipse - Before full  Eclipse
JVP team at Tawang Monastery - At work

Parimal, busy with his Telescope

Sky during Totality and Tawang Town under darkness
 End of eclipse
Rainbow - on the way to Sela Pass - (Arunachal Pradesh)

Sela Pass - (Arunachal Pradesh) - It was rainy - no snow - one of the highest motorable roads of the world
Heavy rains at Sela - very windy - less oxygen
The falls at Jang -No words
Flowers paradise at Sela pass

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wow! wonderful pictures.. ethereal ..

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Really incredible post.

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