Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blog Action Day 2009 – Climate Change

We don’t going have this earth forever, 700 million years from now the sun will blow up and will become a red giant. May some astronomer in coming years will discover a comet and path of that comet might in the line of planet earth, but it is plan of nature that Jupiter is there, mostly the Jupiter covered us as umbrella from those about to hit comets. There are lot cosmic ray out there and continuously emerging to the earth atmosphere, including deadly ultra violet. Again it is plan of nature that we have layer of Ozone and that protect earth from these rays. And earth geographical scenario is not always same and it will be change in coming years naturally.

But what about rapid climate change as we have seen now, and who courses it. It is human who shoot itself on the feet.

Year 2050 or approximately there will be shortage of fossil oils, and all short of energy crisis will hovering on planet earth. Nuclear energy is not safe fully. USA as most energy consuming country compared to other countries in the world and we have already seen what cost other country have to bear to maintain energy consumption same for another country like USA. All short of war imposed on lot of country in the name of “democracy”, “justice” etc.

Furthermore is digging up all earth, raping rain forest for increasing amount of greed all over and competition in corporate culture. One of the major root of this Climate Change is capitalism, so it is need to understand basic cause of the climate change more than some smooth actions which ask you to do some dull things ( ex, switch off your bulb when you not in the room , some NGOism with aimless actions) which do not affect anything to climate change.

So this post is in solidarity with those blogger who have concern for this planet, the only home to human and other species in the universe.

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Great post for a wonderful cause.

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