Monday, December 17, 2007

Ballad of Days and Nights

he comes out from the cocoon
cut his lifeline from his mother
said the maid
and be cursed

as a cursed child his birth sign is registered

a bird comes to the tree near his window
on the nest, above the tree

he remember his days of the cave on the mountain
snow covered and cold

he remember his days with Budha
while walking along with him

rule is written
as for the bird
it can’t goes beyond the ocean
but can sing

rule is written
he has to watch behind from window
an old grilled window

wish for play with a kite
colors are everywhere as sky filled with kites
wondering to see the bird is flying
filled the sky with freedom
filled the sky with wisdom

let’s share one plate of velpuri
let’s share one plate of panipuri

a bullet go through a heart
steel bullet and cold it feels
when in the street a beggar ask for the money

bomb blast on the cricket field
when young buildings are looking
when the girl watching the kites
she asking for a pineapple to her father

all rush in all the shopping mall
smiles are distributed
with reduction

the old man still walks with his grandchild
and the mother still talks to her daughter middle of the night

now being as a cursed
not as bad….as it so

because it is raining
earth is bathing
it causing a rainbow

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