Wednesday, December 19, 2007


a black cat floating on air
and all darkness of THE universe

Nova, Supernova all here and there
Stars are dying and born
and just born

little touch of a little hand on the edge of event horizon..
and life sparked

of a black hole
and life sparked
Seems like an ant and it about to bite

where all water flow....where water suppose to flow
is toward a mountain that covered with daisy

all yellow with daisy
as they bathed with rays of sun
devour all wave length
included poisonous ultraviolet

where to place my feet
all my dirty feet

about then
on above moon
on moon base

I met
a little girl with her toy, little boy with his Slingshot
a farmer, the programmer
the Clark...the rock singer
the sportsman
glowing and growing
in moon base...

my grandfather too
beating the drum of THE temple universe

wise one said to me
be prepare
as Abraham did
long time ago
repeat that
because all did
all about to do
all will do
Cut the neck of the child
give your soul to earth

the ordeal I failed
I was sent to exile
out post of solar system

For long days

bathing with cosmic rays
While standing on Neptune
Or some time on Pluto
keeping the gate of this solar system

the visitor beyond this galaxy
knocking all the time
I said
As a rule to step in earth
You can make an experiment on earth
You can eat coke or rice
But don’t cast your eye on our girls
You can’t touch our tree…forest…mountain

Above all
you can’t take away all our tear
when all we cry
tears are reserved
we agree to trade our joy
our fashionable intelligence
our fast car

visitor seems to agree
deal is done

[Video: "Noble Prayer" by Lisa Gerrard ]

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