Friday, December 28, 2007

Fragrance of the Black Stone and Crystal Architecture of a Red Rose

"Fragrance of the Black Stone and Crystal Architecture of a Red Rose" a short film by APARAJ

In treatment Bressonian touch is presence in this film with transcendental characteristic.A well dress up man enters a locked room. There is a white curtain and the man just passes through it. He begins to making a rose sculpture out of a black stone. He masturbates after creating the rose sculpture and come out of that closed room and locks it again.

Basically it symbolically very much like entering a human mind and going through a creating process, achievement, fulfillment, pain, pleasure etc. A white curtain reflects as a blank mind or blank canvas where creation about to begin and we see creation process is begun. The man took out a penis like stone from his pocket. He taken bath and he start working on that stone to create a rose structure. Presence of a red rose is there as model. The man is trying to put as much as life to that stone rose he created. But question arise as a creation can’t be fully achieved as there is sense of less fulfillment or un-satisfaction. That man masturbates as we can see physical pleasure is reflecting in his face as physical significance, physical connection to a creation which established a short term excitement. And he covers all with the white blank curtain again to erasing all processes. He come out from that closed room and locks it again. We witnessed a creation process, glimpse of little of it for a time being. The film explored to deep in a mind and returned back to the beginning point. And the film transcends at this point to a different level. Levitate the audience to a platform which is filled with questions, mysterious and about basics of human experience with creativity.

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