Thursday, December 27, 2007


"THE REFLECTION" a short film by moni bhattacharjee

A Kafkaesque experience

Researcher Kanu Choudhuri wake up in the morning and found himself as an extremist Bhupen chetia, an imposed identity or a twin identity. Another label as it known is terrorist which one of the 21century syndromes that not escapable to any existing society.

We see from suggestive shot that Kanu Choudhuri wake up in the morning and leaving his home. He had his breakfast, read news paper, help his uncle solving crossword. As usual in a busy day we found him in city bus, in a phone booth, in an internet café and at last in a restaurant where he finally caught as an extremist.
In this whole journey we fed with background narrative as news coming to our notice. News floating on the air as it reflects as surrounding and given a mood to this short film. News we heard about Ram Mandir, BJP politics, insurgent condition of north east India.
And news floating at last scene through TV, which is more evocative and influential medium of 21century as we seen picture of Kanu Choudhuri in that medium. A person facing his other imposed identity through a medium. News we heard that Bhupen Chetia fled from jail and these two identities merged in a surrounding atmosphere which is not explainable. As there is no any suggestion about true background of Kanu Choudhuri, THE REFLECTION is reflection of breathless moment of captivate condition of people of any corner of world. Director Moni Bhattacharjee able to capture this captivates atmosphere and breathless moment, which evoked through out 10 min journey of this film.

THE REFLECTION indeed a Kafkaesque experience.

Good sound work and gentle cinematography.

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