Friday, January 18, 2008

Paintings of Uday Shinde

Earthy color, dense ambient and so fresh in appearance, Uday’s paintings depict existence of pure soul through his works and huge amount of concentration he able to established. His landscapes are dense by presence and voluminous in composition with raw and very bright color. No excuses for any light shade or lose brush strokes as tone of the paintings very much focused on direct dealing with bright or raw color. So when a single color used, it comes with its own dominance. Colors used on paintings are with their own supremacy.
Two figurative paintings along side other landscapes are very imaginative yet mysterious in presence. Close up and mid close up are hardly mysterious but here in these two paintings we faced mysticism covered with romantic outline which emerged with so much maturity. No gleeful childlike innocence but innocence prevailed so simplistic way that it transmitted to audience. With raw red background, figures of these two paintings carry with them thin outline of eroticism. But sadness of eyes, submission, togetherness, and social dilemma those are emotions which generated power, integrity and sublime of these two paintings.
We may find some influence of Paul Gauguin as in use of color, density and volume but Uday very firm, honest on his approach and cultivation and it is delight for audience to watching his paintings for its captivate power.

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