Thursday, January 17, 2008

Paintings of Vijay Adagale

On personal account I have been seen him developing his method and style time to time. These paintings are one of his high point of development. Climbed to top of the hill of realism and just stood there for self searching as it was required. On the top of hill further nothing but open sky. So with some realization and wondering, he tries to find his own path. And as result we got these paintings.

When social surroundings are all about violence and cruelty, intolerance, these series has its own mark and messages. As Buddha himself is great ambassador of peace, all paintings of this series brings ambient of peace as prime factor. We see in one of his paintings Buddha holding two men together. It is not about preaching but more about make them calm and understandable. Peoples in this painting not depict as disciples or commoner but they reflect ongoing intolerance and violence around the world. So Buddha stands here more as a metaphor or as a symbol or we can say an effective symbol of tolerance for current days. Audience can easily transcend to that ambient of peace.

Balance color with subtle in using of brush as it is his trade mark. A light blue to white gradient used in figure of Buddha which contrasts to background. The pure white shade in face of Buddha itself a central focus point of all paintings of this series. And it works as meditative focus point to audience mind and gives all paintings another level of height.
A not only feel good series but also evoked presence of inner strength of the Artist.
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