Friday, May 23, 2008

Mr. G and Mr E

When Mr. G saved a file then he press two/three times Cntrl S on keyboard and click 2/3 times on save button. My colleague Mr. B and miss C always find it funny. They always make fun out of it. But I have some preserved sympathy for Mr. G as I think it is reflection of his disbelief in machine. Some time I imagine what if Mr. G meets characters like terminator and T-1000 from the movie Terminator 2-JUDGEMENT DAY. [I find Terminator-2 really a poetic film in treatment, although the movie covers some violence still it poetic and lyrical.] Of course Mr. G will not to be pleased to meet terminator and T-1000. When a bug became a headache and big stores of bugs already there but Mr. G never seems to be so concern about it. He just always calms and his profound belief that machine can’t be accurate. And it is just so delighting to see Mr. G and Mr. E together. Mr. E is a die-hard gadget maniac. Before some important talk everybody needs to listen about his updated gadget information for some minutes may be for hours [I usually listen over expenses of cigarettes and coffee.] There is always high decibel sound of shouting or complete pin drop silence if Mr. G and Mr. E meet, although we often see both them together. Mr. G always has concern over him and invites Mr. E and his girl friend miss D to his home. Mr. G lives absolutely a happy life with two angel like children and his wife Mrs. G. And Mrs. G is what we can describe as a loyal, caring, dedicated wife. Mr. G consider his fridge, washing machine, TV etc are some unkind person who always indulge in conspiracy again him and his family. And Mr. E never understand this and always complains him and try to make Mr. G understand that development of technology and its necessity in human life. In reciprocal Mr. G try to teach him that he spent most of his time in gadget oriented life and ill effect of it on his life. Mr. G calculated that Mr. E never much careful about his girlfriend Miss D as he should. According to him Mr. E spent 70% on his gadget life and only 30% remains to his girl friend Miss D (not including his other time) Mr. G always amazed how Miss D clings to Mr. E for long time as he think Miss D is beautiful and very fond of music who often goes for classical music show and while in those mission if Mr. E accompany her then he prefer he might agree to venture in desert with out water then these classical music shows. But Mr. E proclaims that its works and their relationship works and complains Mr. G that Mrs. G living very painful life, living only a kitchen life. Mr. G says that it was her choice. Mr. G advised that he should increase his percentage of caring to miss D as he claims that he noticed sometime miss D is very depressed. But Mr E said she depressed not for him but because shopping was not done according to her. When there are cases like shopping, cosmetics etc. Mrs. G and miss D builds a mysterious hate and love relationship between them.

As those all kind of argument heated on at cozy-comfort home of Mr. G (sometime in messy home of Mr. E, I generally have some fear of some electrical-fire kind of accident about home of Mr. E, so always sited near by windows or doors). Sometime I accidentally put my presence there and put a silent smile on my face I said “yes” to Mr. E and again I said “yes” to Mr. G. (actually I was noticing consciously whether any cooking activities going on or not in kitchen) Miss D called me sometime “harami”, (a Hindi slang word, I am not sure of English translation of it.) according to Mrs. G being a harami fitted to me and she just said to me "you shaitan, hell is awaiting for you" while she offering a cup of tea to me with a smiling face.

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Renegade Eye said...

My friends call alt-control-delete, the three finger salute.

My comrades plan to organize in India, except Bhutto's assasination, changed our plans temporarily. In India, bourgeoise publishers print our books, because there is a demand for real Marxist writing there.

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