Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Nepal: lesson learned

MAOIST chief Prachanda said his political group was not against capitalism. "Our fight is against feudalism, not against capitalism," said Mr Prachanda.

The Maoist leader told a private TV channel that private business and property would get protection. "We will nationalize royal property and the property belonging to the late King Birendra," said the Maoist supremo.

Mr Prachanda has been maintaining that Mao Tse-tung's model for a people's republic cannot fulfill modern needs. He has been critical of Stalin for not allowing competition in the society.

Mr Prachanda clarified that only the property the king enjoys as the monarch would be nationalized. "His personal property will not be touched. He will be allowed to do business."

The Maoist leader used the opportunity to soothe the frayed nerves of investors and said businessmen and industrialists would be encouraged to do business, create new jobs and new infrastructure.

Mr Prachanda said his party favored capitalism in Nepal. "Between the feudal stage and socialist stage, there will be capitalist stage," he said, adding that he would follow the mixed economic model and encourage creation of wealth through capitalism.

The former rebel leader said he would encourage foreign investment, including that from India. "We will try to create a favorable environment for them to invest here. When we create an environment where people can make a profit, then naturally, Indian investors will also come," he said.

The Maoist leader had recently said the new government would expand the tax base, eliminate red tape and end the culture of corruption. "We will set up an industrial security force in the process of integrating the People's Liberation Army with the Nepal Army to provide security for industries," he had said.

So lesson is learned from east Europe as it is necessary to before socialism people need to experienced with capitalist mode of production. Once Pakistan able to practice bourgeois democracy in full phase and Bhutan got more matured with democracy, South Asian region will move one step further and conceive more advanced situation which will fitted to socialism. Before it, the big illusion of so called prosperity, new economic boost that generated by neo liberal economy and globalisation will slowly begins to break up as Latin America already witnessed and experienced it.

This is how proletarian internationalism will build up in a way through out all continents which conform to reason and sentiment of all kind of growing people’s struggle in every part of world.

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Renegade Eye said...

This is my comrades analysis of events in Napal.

We are big in Pakistan. Are plans for organizing in India, were disrupted by Bhutto's assasination.

noni said...

renegade eye:

thx..very informative site…..

It’s a just another story of heart broken. Last decade all leftist camp around the world closely monitored Maoist activities of Nepal with great hope. And all seems to be in process of finding a way or understanding of a new path and desperate to come out of after impact of falling USSR. After Cuba, Vietnam very recently only in Nepal social transformation is going on. So it brings lot hope and new light, but now when Nepal Maoist declared about their strategy (proceed with mix economy) after recent election, of course it breaks heart of lot from many leftist camps. Those leftist of some camp still dreaming of imposed socialism and when Maoist of Nepal does not willing to fulfill it, hope of socialism as they thought is fading. But field theory and field practice is very different then imposed table talk. Through ten years Maoist of Nepal they observed, analyze and practice Marxist Leninist Maoist revolutionary movement on mountain terrain of Nepal. They denied leadership cultism for holding a socialist state (ex: as Fidel Castro still in his old age try to keep holding socialist domain with his charisma) At the same time understanding of situation of new world order, globalisation, neo liberal economic aggression, Maoist Nepal confirms they want to go with world Marxist Leninist Maoist revolutionary movement and now let allow to place a advanced platform in Nepal as it required to fulfill some condition for proletariat revolution.

Of course a socialist world is awaiting with less lope holes (not like so called socialist (!!) pocket countries as now). From where that world never revert back to capitalist and imperialist order again.

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