Monday, June 9, 2008

Echoed stories of Lake Silaleepi through Kuiper belt

are you there Lake Silaleepi
as I heard
no more rain dance on you

who will bring
those white cover of cloud on you
as you stripped for long time

when you have raped
all the time
you hold your head lower
never cried
never resist

what make you miss those kisses from Ozone?
what make you abandoned your glaciers?
where those visitor
fly down to you as birds

a mountain God is gambling
with his disciples
a mountain Goddess is became chubby model
replacing her usual components using by copy

who will tell them to slower down
their technology growth a little
why to hurry all the time
as your stories echoed all in the universe
it reflected and refracted through Kuiper belt

because you running alone
you competing with no one
why running so hurriedly….O lord
that you injured yourself

slower down
O’ lord of this game
slower down a little

[“Silaleepi” is an imaginary name of any mountain lake. “Silaleepi” mean placing a text into stone.]

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very enjoyable and fascinating too...

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