Tuesday, June 10, 2008

leave the kid alone

“The channels discussed these with so called experts and dissected the noble soul (Aarushi) sadistically and with perverted minds. They are equally if not more guilty of violating the law and should face the same consequences as the investigating agencies,”
--Nupur Talwar, mother of arushi talwar

An emotional appeal by Nupur Talwar, mother of murder victim Aarushi Talwar, the National Commission of Protection of Child Rights on Monday directed the Information and Broadcasting ministry to stop Balaji Telefilms from including the Aarushi murder case in its popular teleserial Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki. Balaji Telefilms had decided take inspiration from the sensational twin murders and show that the protagonist Parvati’s granddaughter is killed in circumstances similar to Aarushi’s murder.

“The serial is drawing inspiration from real life and parallels can be drawn to the case without naming Aarushi Talwar,”
--Nivedita Basu, creative director, Balaji Telefilms

Most of the channels like gang of wolfs perpetuated the character assassination of Aarushi by graphically showing time and again, day after day, episodes in which they created events which were figment of imagination that designed to increase TRPs of the channel.
The I&B ministry is considering action against some channels following protests from child rights organizations.

Is it freedom of creativity? To what extent media reporting or TV serials go for exploits circumstances that increase TRPs of the show. Resulting more like a girl, Aarushi Talwar murdered again and again and making unforgiven insult to her small life.

A Bourgeoisie society falls to its Frankenstein and what showing are rapid degradation of moral ethics as well as marketization of values, social responsibilities.
Some prime time slick, glossy serials are nothing but reflecting mentally handicapped creations of a deteriorate society.

Is anybody there to tell them, educate them to “leave the kid alone” ?

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Renegade Eye said...

Quite powerful post.

The measure of a civilization, is how children are treated. They are not small adults.

Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

hi noni! thanks for joining Go Green! wt AGP. It's a great pleasure to have you with us! All the best in your green days! :)

kateri said...

It is so easy to tarnish someone and get away with it in India that it has reached frightening proportions.

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