Friday, August 22, 2008

the dark knight: Amateurism for control and how to promote a product

A hero who likes to terrorize civilian (riding through a street with his motorcycle, destroying everything what in front of him) in the name of save a city. A hero who is a billionaire fights against the crime to holding law and order. The Joker who just represents chaos and destruction is causing the hero to be a hero again. The character of Joker is glamorized through out of the film. More evil he does, more romanticized and stylized appeal in the scene. Some time he is more influential then “Batman”. Joker, a messenger of chaos and seems to be a manipulation master. But his role is limited to these all. He is not in industry business or does not have any control anxiety and he does not owned any products to promote, only few knifes and very much depend on street thugs to execute things. But  Bruce virtually own GOTHAM city and he always intend to control it and never tolerate any body who challenges his authority, his establishment and his business like a true billionaire. He own Gotham as Bruce Wyne and he control Gotham as batman. He is more like a king to the city in the movie called “the dark knight”.

A realistic approach to make “batman” more human and more contemporary is bounced back with natural social stigma. The film is reflecting a world of corporate business and new economic paranoia. A show business of products (his car, bike,  weaponry, etc. More enemy = more products = more invention = more promoting tactics = more market control)

He (Bruce Wyne) is great on comics’ book, on print media. Tim Burton’s "batman" movies are comfortable to watch for their look, style and adaptation of a comic alike imaginary world.
Now when this “the dark knight” is dealing more with reality, he provoked and established some things that purely matching to frequency and wave length with WTO and a system which concerned with dominance and control. In joker we see, he is not after money like an average criminal but more a psychopathic criminal who always intent to destroy and taking pleasure from it. A city mayor “Harvey dent” is a failure, people are killed by chaos. So “the dark knight” is fancy to tackle it with his amateurism. His amateurism (professional one is Wyne Industry)  more like a NGO works for a society by a billionaire.

Now when leaving the theater hall after watching “the dark knight”, I observed some kids, they overwhelmed by the film's hero. And when batman becoming more realistic, those kids became more imaginative  toward reality and at the same time they are draining their self confidence gradually. it is like not believing on own self but believing some one who is about to falling from sky and going to help them, do something for them.
On larger scale if taken “the dark knight” is an obvious film that bound to happen this way on the Hollywood. But it is also perfect visuals of an acclaim ruling order and not to forget what evoked through under tone of the film (as characters are more from  a society) are paranoia, disorder and control.
As always favorable “the dark knight” steals self confidence from deep in heart of the audience which they unaware of. As someone nobody to a society as always stand on a street while “the dark knight” riding through and destroying everything in front him, as he thought that an obstacle to him  to place his mark and a warning to remind people that they bound to depend on him, on his control and on his products.
At last scene as we see Commissioner Gordon (represent an authority of a public domain) submissive and surrendered to “the dark knight” and what he said to his son can be described this way, “look at your hero, a billionaire in disguise, saving a city, doing his social work and at the same time promoting his products.” And his son (the kid in the film) overwhelmed by “the dark knight” same way as those kids (the kids in the real world) in the theater hall  with fascination and  became acquiescent to imposed charisma and control.

“the dark knight” is excellent(not Batman which I consumed from print) for its technical input, totality, actions, sets, camera work, some part of acting etc……as these perfection are always achieved by the Hollywood.

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Anonymous said...

i agree with my namesake ^
could not make much sense of what u said

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atul said...

Harvey Dent was Gotham's DA not mayor.

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