Monday, August 25, 2008

the iron man: Aggression of competitiveness

Charming “playboy” Tony Stark, another “billionaire industrialist” like “Bruce Wyne” is visiting Afghanistan to demonstrate a guided missile (a product of his own “Stark Industries”), Tony Stark gets kidnapped by insurgents. He wakes up in a cave, where a good Afghan civilian has inserted a magnet in his chest to keep him alive. Kidnapper order Stark to build a missile for them. 

Rest is as a new person is born and became a modern messiah as “iron man”.
With newly found conscience (when he Tony Stark decides to do different things as IRONMAN). He saved some peoples in Afghanistan with his might, (perhaps with money and influence).  Again he ready to play at home state to battle against illicit shipments and wrong deals.
Unlike “the dark knight”, the “iron man” is more about power share, influence and aggression. Competitiveness erupted as film plot deploy a situation of a deal with terrorist as client of products. It can be seen as the awareness of both the limitations and challenges posed by global competition as the private sector faces significant barriers to competing in domestic and international markets. Tony Stark determines to stop production of weaponry because failure of a product and its monopoly trade value.
Ok… ok we were shown that he stop production for his conscience.
Resources (capital, labor, technology) and talent tend to concentrate and dominate geographically. And firms are embedded in inter-firm relationships with networks of suppliers, buyers and even competitors that help them to gain competitive advantages in the sale of its products and services.
It is desire of monopoly as always it required for any industries; Tony Stark is ready to start a new venture.  A billionaire hero is saving world from terrorist or war lords playing with something likes video game. This time not as NGO works or social service like Bruce Wyne does, but a more serious game for survival in the market competition.
As a hero “iron man” phenomenon is not similar to “the dark knight”. No kid in the “iron man” to be overwhelmed by Tony Stark, but “iron man” has his capacity lured the audience with his glamour, fashion and glossiness of life styles. As situation proceeds a hero indulges in a domain of influence, power share and dominance.  As he deals with more with those things we don’t know how he saved people and (as in comics or print) or as a hero how he deals with common disaster like high inflammation, food crisis etc.  But as a “billionaire industrialist” it is justified, view point and policy of Tony Stark toward these problem as usual and of course he must has some funding program.
Ok… ok we were not shown about this and contrast of duel identity of an industrialist is not concern of the film.
But the situation like terrorist problem economic dealings and other related economic paranoia are association of reality.  An approach to make “iron man” more realistic is reverberated with picture of a contemporary social order and hegemony.  And we hypnotized by him as he played different video game but the metaphor that echoed full aggression of competitiveness, desired monopoly gone unnoticed. 

“the iron man” is brilliant for its technical input, totality, actions, sets, camera work, some part of acting etc……with all way perfection.

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