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The Incredible Hulk: Unorganized and unused anger

'To the clean are all things clean' — thus say the people. I, however, say unto you: To the swine all things become swinish! Therefore preach the visionaries and bowed-heads (whose hearts are also bowed down): 'The world itself is a filthy monster.' For these are all unclean spirits; especially those, however, who have no peace or rest, unless they see the world FROM THE BACKSIDE — the backworldsmen! TO THOSE do I say it to the face, although it sound unpleasantly: the world resembleth man, in that it hath a backside, — SO MUCH is true! There is in the world much filth: SO MUCH is true! But the world itself is not therefore a filthy monster!
                                                                                                                                 -----  Friedrich Nietzsche

Bruce was conducting research for the Army under the supervision of general whose daughter, Betty was Bruce’s girlfriend. The experiment went horribly wrong and Dr. Bruce Banner, belted by gamma rays, turns into The Hulk, a green monster. Bruce escaped to Brazil, where he in a hillside slum and works at a soda factory.
And the general just after him and orders his army to capture him when he learns of Bruce’s whereabouts. A human Bruce became an official living project as his blood contains seeds of super strength. General Ross wants what's inside Bruce's body to replicate it and create a team of super soldiers.
Superhero movies depend not only on vivid special effects or action set pieces, but also basically a psychological drama of existential division. And it was tried here also as an approach to achieve a realistic outlook. But the contradictions and continuities between Bruce Banner and the angry monster he becomes figure very less in “The Incredible Hulk. Only two things revealed as one is calm, obedient Bruce and other is a confused angry soul.
” When Betty asks Bruce what the transformation feels like he answers that the Hulk “isn’t me,” 

So who is he?

Dr Bruce Banner, a humble, talented and loving civilian

The Hulk, an individualistic anarchist

Bruce Banner a harassed middle class person who is constantly on running from authority. And The Hulk is basically a result of angry Bruce, when he found that harassment is crossing his limits of control. Hulk’s anger is so huge that he just destroys all things in front of him mercilessly and what he seen as imposing ruthlessness, perhaps torture. A team of soldiers, including slightly crazy Emil Blonsky is after him by order of the general. Blonsky later became another monster, The Abomination, nemesis of the hulk. Although he is there on physical level, prime opponent is always the general or the army authority to Bruce Banner and his Anger alter ego. The hulk phenomenon is kind of revolt against an authority and imposing rules.
As Bruce not able to do anything, his let his anger to do things. But His angry alter ego is uncontrollable in power and destruction and in nature is sadistic and brutal. He destroys all things he faces. Although a love power is shown as Betty can able to calm him down. But his destructive characteristic is always remains.
That limitless anger evolved from where or why. As it rooted deep in unconscious mind of Bruce banner and that anger unleashed through a different identity and walks alone with only motif that is destroying and fulfilling his outburst of depression and harassment.This is not outburst of public anger or depression, but attitudes which support the elimination of all. Position of Bruce resembles to same as a harassed civilian. His anger side is supporting anything from extreme individualism to complete collectivism. A tendency of destruction erupted as we see when individual conscience and the pursuit of self-interest constrained by any collective body or public authority. Individualist anarchism is supportive of property being held privately, unlike the social/socialist/collectivist/communitarian wing which advocates common ownership.The hulk is "egoist" form of individualist anarchism according to which the only limitation on the rights of the individual is his power to obtain what he desires.
Dr. Bruce Banner, a humble, talented and loving gentleman from middle class section, he hides inside him a profound nihilist as THE hulk. As a nihilist perspective objective morality of the hulk does not exist. In the absence of objective morality, existence has no intrinsic higher meaning or goal. No moral obligation to follow anything.
Yes, Betty is there as a healing catalyst to hulk and Bruce is trying to control his agony or his senseless transformation as hulk and whether he recovers from it, whether he becomes master of this crisis, is a question of his strength.

“The Incredible Hulk” is brilliant for its technical input, totality, actions, sets, camera work, some part of acting etc……with all way perfection.

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Am i bit surprised to find the review of it now, as it came long back, isnt ?? About the movie, i liked the movie not only because of the super hero actions also because of the Hulk's internal struggle to control himself.,. I didnt know about this:

"Bruce Banner a harassed middle class person who is constantly on running from authority. And The Hulk is basically a result of angry Bruce, when he found that harassment is crossing his limits of control."

that his anger is coz of the harassment of the people against him. I felt this one made much more sense: "he hulk phenomenon is kind of revolt against an authority and imposing rules." :)

Your template looks cool and soothing to eyes.,. Happy Reviewing !!

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Really good post.

Wait until you see the new Batman movie. That is really complex.

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