Thursday, August 28, 2008

the spiderman: poor guy, doing right and wrong

Peter Parker is exploring his struggle with his great power for great responsibilities. He took his aunt to bank for a loan which was not sanctioned. Peter Parker's best friend in high school and college, Harry Osborn plays a critical role throughout all three films.  A rich guy Harry sacrificed his life for Peter in a melodramatic way. This brilliant but lazy student is selling pictures of his own stunts and always hunting for a good job. J. Jonah Jameson not interested in artistic photographs of Parker, so those are not sold. He has employed by Ajij as pizza boy and fired again.  He borrowed money from secretary of J. Jonah Jameson for his daily survival. Peter Parker is not sure about his relationship with Marie and Marie Jane Watson also puzzled with those relationship with Harry, son of Jonah Jameson and Peter Parker.

Peter Parker and his dilemma (good, bad, money, love, hate, rent, bills, books, good, gas etc……)

Aunt May has choice and she is doing right things, Harry Osborn and Norman Osborn has choice and they are doing right things and other most of all characters of Spiderman movies usually are doing right things, at least what they have thought is right. But Peter is struggling with his wrong and right always. Peter Parker is a talented  student who thinks about his career and wants to earn a good living also but all is not happening. His aunt not able to give some good bucks as birthday gift also. What ever he got all is taken by his neighbor as house rent. But still he is “your friendly neighbor” as he saved some one from street muggers and has super human strength to stop a train. But He is not getting a good job because most companies are abandoning cities and sprawling onto farmland. Companies are outsourcing jobs offshore. Companies not creating any new jobs, even some which are actually laying people off. Others that just move jobs from one place to another, where they are proclaimed to be “new.”

Hillary Clinton’s message while supporting Obama, "to renew the promise of America, to rebuild the middle class and sustain the American dream, to provide opportunity to those who are willing to work hard for it and have that work rewarded, so they could save for college, a home, and retirement, afford gas and groceries, and have a little left over each month.”

The situation and time Peter indulges in is time of globalization. His fears are graver as a loyal New Yorker then his concern for his foes and that very natural. Imperialism is not a policy. It is a stage of capitalist development, an objective process. The same is true of capitalist globalization. It is not a policy of this or that government. It is an objective process of transnational capitalist development. This distinction is important to understanding the class struggle today. Government policies have impact on how capitalist globalization proceeds, as long as capitalism is the dominant economic system, its globalization will continue. In the meanwhile larger and larger sections of labor are beginning to see the connections between war and capitalist globalization.

Spiderman, His foes are usually all good human being, not like those evil war lords of Afghanistan, terrorist or natural born criminal like joker. They became unlawful and dangerous because of circumstances. Norman Osborne became Goblin because he lost his deals, his share in his company. Dr. Otto Octavius who believe knowledge should used for human benefit became Doc Ock  because he is under influence of artificial intelligence. Flint Marko who actually did not intend to kill Parker’s uncle, but circumstance did. And he also became Sandman because of a scientific accident and he engaged in robbery as he wants money for his sick daughter.
Eddie Brock Jr. colleague of Peter Parker, he was humiliated by Peter and became Venom under influence of alien organism.

So all are ultimately forgiven and they are basically good people. They pay taxes and they have family. So they bound to be political too.


Eddie Brock Jr. is an opportunist but Peter Parker may walks with these protesters.


It is not sure for which camp Bruce Wyne or Tony Stark  throws a fund raising party.  But no doubt in November instead of fighting each other ,Venom and Spiderman can be seen on the rooftop of vote casting building and they both will be on queue for cast their vote for Obama. “Job outsourcing”, "working class" etc  issues are already in agenda of Obama. Peter Parker may not able took decision on different mater and sometime trapped in confused circumstances, but this time he will be sure for his own sake and own survival.
“The spiderman" movie series are brilliant for its technical input, totality, actions, sets, camera work, some part of acting etc……with all way perfection.

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