Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Where is the party tonight?

Where is the party tonight?

With Israeli warplanes, drones, artillery machines, and apache helicopters
Among people of GAZA

Where is the party tonight?
With School Student in Greece
Dancing Girls of Lahore

Cocktail party with Political Prisoners of Burma
Dancing with ‘Hindu bombs’ and ‘Muslim bombs’

Wine with Kandhamal district

Fire works in Mumbai. .then in Guwahati…then Iraq…
I forgot…can you tell me more…
In these place
They were taking bullets
And scattered the flesh
To nothing

Making love to the word “terror”
A French kiss to “media”

Torturing the original rhythm

remove them form their soil
And make a neon flooded dancing floor
Then all the night dance
Over the bodies of a farmer
The farmer, who take his lives just yesterday

Dancing to the tune of pentagon….and more…
And to the tune of lavish fundamentalism
More then a prayer
Just dance with luxurious fanaticism…all night

Hurrah to all chemical plant
Like once in Bhopal

Hurrah to all colliery
Like once as African diamond trade
Hurrah to all nuclear waste
That I have taken to my arm

while DJ is playing a trance one

And dance with all rebels too
The rebel who hold a gun
And bang…bang….bang…
and Kill..kill..kill...

County liquor with a revolutionary
with their coke business in rain forest
More drags to the revolution

Not to forget all the resort
The entire clubs, all the hotel
The entire Champaign, all the vodka
The entire martini……..

with mixture of DJ and high heeled prostitutes

what you are going to dance….
Salsa or a Bolliwood masala one…
This night of all to suppress
Dance to tune of sadism
Dance to tune of all hidden cries
And again make love with pretense

Again toilet, cigarettes....condoms

Gang bangs with military official,
The masked politician, the CEO, the film star
While watching a Belly dance
Smoking with a gay or a lesbian
In the corner of the lounge

To night
As all shoes become hypocrite
All Panties become jealous

As All bras engage in their menstrual bleeding
All ties busy washing their own vomit

All lipsticks are thrown to all disconnected river
All belts are evaporated to black hole

Cleavages are high on perfume
Tattoos are licked
Saliva are mixed with all whiskey
and mixed with all chocolates
Tasted and smelled
All night

All laughs are sales on reduction
In every shopping mall
While observing a transgress in conference table
And a conspiracy born again
In midnight click,
And again dance to 

this time, this night
tune of taste of mixed saliva

Where is the party tonight?

Better you not to wear anything
As more then music
What heard is
All sounds of crying
Sounds of sufferings
The transparency you evoked
That your heart
Your liver
Your kidney
All seen

As your blood says something
And your skin says something
And you want to say something

O’ sleeping child of this planet
Don’t wake up tonight
I will take you to a big party
May be to a bird's meeting
May be to a game of fishes
May be to a star party
All the great-grandfathers and great-grandmothers said…… 

Because they
all got new year wishes from them too

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aria said...

poignant verse..
don't know what else to add..

noni said...


thx for comment and visiting

Gregorio said...

Crazy and truthful things most people don't even think about.The way this world is today more people need to wake up to the reality.Thanks for some blatant reality.

Renegade Eye said...

That was really good work.

noni said...

Renegade Eye@

thx for comment...

Hapi said...

Hello there my friend! I found your blog very interesting so I have added your link in my Blogroll. I hope you'll link me back. Have a nice day!

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