Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Addicted Time Traveler


Great marijuana times

Rivers flowing through
Mist Mountain 
Perusing lucrative narcotics,
The course is redefined
He lost somewhere
By swallowing pills,

Accessing in Andromeda Galaxy
Holographic love of a mother
Digital kiss of a lover
Flavor of time wrap
Its naked influences
Having inside
Narrow roads and tall grasses

Emerged inside an old jungle

Walking beside
The bamboo trees, owl and rhinoceros

Wild Orchids, white flowers
Still smells in another time dimension

Running on 1857
Travel back to 1947
So yet another 100 years
Then leaping directly inside
3rd Indian INTIFADA

In the shore of ocean
Kinematics of smiles

Children, splashing Walrus
Playing hide and seek 

Hurrah to a
Regular time traveler
Addicted time traveler
Regular addicted time traveler

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Domestic Water Meter said...

Nice poem. I liked it very much. Looking forward to more such postings from your side.

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