Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tiny Katerina: A good movie

Tiny Katerina : Director: Ivan Golovnev
Produced In: 2004

Synopsis: Northwestern Siberia, Russia. Small Khanty girl Katerina observes and understands the outer world. She learns the voices of people, animals and other beings. Gradually she approaches the unknown and the unknown comes closer - not far from Katerina's nomad camp an oil rig appears.

A Joycean treatment, a soulful journey constructed without any sophistications/luxury of studio movie making. Far away from all kind of gimmickry which associated with consumerist films. Again apart from all monster movies here oil rig itself a huge monster. A sad disassociation with so-called development and whole mechanical development posed here as invader. A monster emerges through market systems, who act with capitalist values and devouring all morality, earthly sensitivity.
Yet Tiny Katrina reminds us lot about whole basic human rawness, all necessary upbringing values which are collected through out the time long ago. She reminds us how we bonded with nature, part of it inseparable way and nature as guiding light, healing power.
But displacement of her family, terrible state of her family tells same story of million around the worlds.
Director’s use of sound is marvelous. The film consists with lot of beautiful moments around Katerina, her interaction, observation and absorption with earth, one of it we see her mumbling to a reindeer.
Simple in making or in presentation yet an intensified good movie with strong message.

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Renegade Eye said...

That seems like a fine movie.

Lately I've been down on film. The film industry wastes so much $$ on trite material. It's harder to find the gems.

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