Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Inner will of Iranian people

As everybody, every moviegoer know about Iranian films and its influences in many part of the world. Domination of Iranian movies is an usual sight in almost all film festival around the world.

Me too as a big fan of Iranian movies, watching them with uttermost interest, specially movies of Abbas Kairostami, Jafaor Panahi, Mahsin Makhmalbaf, Majid Majidi and many more. All these are part of a generation of filmmakers in the Iranian New Wave.

The Iranian government has refused to permit the screening some of their films in their native Iran and banned their some of movies. It is after math of Islamic revolution in Iran that created few path for new explorations, bringing rich historical Sufi influences in their films and new innovative method of film making that perused by most of Iranian film makers today.  Instead of luxury and sophistication of big studios, without technical significance or technical extravaganza Iranian directors looks in to more in social realism and find some wonderful way to making a film.

Very interesting way Iranian movies are experimenting with new styles that are varied with different layers of life of many commoner of Iran. Critics such as Jonathan Rosenbaum  argues that disagreements and controversy over Kiarostami's movies have arisen from his style of filmmaking because what in Hollywood would count as essential narrative information is frequently missing from Kiarostami's films.

Apart from Kiarostami other his contemporary also almost began to consciously avoid and ignore what usually called as a popular narrative structure of film making. They bring out and explored those idioms and inner voices of Iranian people that hidden and suppressed under Iranian authorities and far right regime. And the best part of it they embraced a method what is called as a social realism. They used actors from ordinary life, their actor talked in bressonian way. They shoot film on real location, real situation. They are filming a scene in a documentary style but still remains far away from an objective docu-drama. What is unveiled through their film is spirit of Iranian people, inner will of Iranian people, soul of Iranian culture, above all reverberation of an universal appeal.

What we have witnessed now, the volcano already erupted in Iran in the form of mass uprising, sign of it already captured on many Iranian new wave films.

Here is a disturbing video, in perspective of a film its a tragic example of ultra realism which really gone too far, but captured something raw truth in the name of information and objective use of a technical tool .

A woman gunned down during protests in Iran

This video may not be suitable for minors.

More about Neda Agha-Soltan, the woman who killed in gun shot here

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