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The missing poetry in Terminator -Salvation

What missing in Terminator -Salvation is musical structure and the poetry that genuinely presents in Terminator 2: Judgment Day .

Again it is the influence of the Terminator 2: Judgment Day for what usually we draw in toward any terminator related films and always wish to see some visual magic, impressive presentation that we witnessed in T2. But Terminator -Salvation is just nothing but a disappointment, only some hopeless visual.

Hollywood usually always like to show fire powers, blasting, big blowing up, big fights as a core presentation in most of Hollywood productions. Sometimes it seems like exhibitions of macho USA against other countries. Diverse war equipments, variety guns etc. are frequents accessory and components of most of Hollywood films from the beginning. Latest Terminator -Salvation is just another supreme example of this show business and an example of how much it can be more dreadful. This movie depicts only some big fire show, big blowing up from start to end with great technical achievements. It is your eyes and ears that make you busy during watching of this movie, not the brain, not your feelings, intellects.

We have seen some fire shows, big blowing up in T2, yet T2 able to captured, created some great filmic scene and got some cine achievement, above all T2 is sensual in nature. The T2 remains in the true film tradition always and may be it is real film genius of James Cameroon that T2 is became a one of the true great action film in film history.

The T2 as a whole is a beautiful poetry start to end, composed in a wonderful musical structure or musical notes. Visual of T2 are polite and lyrical. Transition of shot selection is also smooth and not jerky. All scenes dominate its central intent, not allowing too much exhibitionism. We have witnessed amazing cinematography as it varied with color, tone and motif. The film was edited frame by frame, scenes are cut and joined where it needed in proper time, and not one extra single frame is added or deleted. Back ground score (including theme music) also clutched the movie in to its soul and body of the film.

After he pushed the limit of computer-generated special effects in The Abyss, director James Cameron turned his sequel to Terminator1 into a well-written, action-packed showcase with more advanced special effects. Terminator 2: Judgment Day is a justifiable sequel: a story of leather-clad android that arrives from the future to protect a rebellious teenager and future leader from being killed by the indomitable T-1000 robot, whose liquid-metal design makes him apparently unstoppable and posing as a single minded lethal killer.

Though from the same director, and much of the same cast and writers, "Terminator 2" is a vastly different movie from the 1984 original. There is strong underlying message about the value of human life, to the extent that even the emotionless Terminator appears to learn sensibility as we heard in the last scene when T-800 said, "Now I know why you cry".

Sarah, is a patient at a mental institution, sentenced there after she was caught trying to blow up the Cyberdyne System, the computer company building – the company that will eventually build the SkyNet computer that responsible for starting war against human. Her son John has become a cynical teenager, who is raised by foster parents.

The two Terminators come together on John, both searching for and finding him at the mall. We also see that that Schwarzenegger’s character is here to protect John, while other one for kill.

James Cameron conceived a total package, almost two decades later, the film still looks great. The effects of the morphing terminator were so visually impressive, very much mathematical. Logically, the time-travel elements are very complex, it causes lot of ontological paradoxes and it is mingling with the idea of proper cause-and-effect and confusing.

Apart from pioneering FX work, other element that works also at best and effective is acting of the cast. One of it is Linda Hamilton's performance. She quite effectively plays the scratched rebel who's driven to do anything, no matter how terrible, to stop the war.

For all of its real entertainment value, Terminator 2 just feels in so many ways. But it may look better than its predecessor and recent sequels, but it's not a complete better film, and in many ways it's weak also. Its cautionary message falls flat as the terminator, supposedly the dispassionate voice of pure, hard algorithmic data, to make the claim "It's in your people nature to destroy yourselves." But, actual evolutionary biologists say opposite way, that human nature tends towards cooperation and compassion.

James Cameron films trapped in attempts at intellectual social commentary and in treatment mostly concentrating on the shit blowing up, big blasting, big savaging, with big technical howdy. Because, it is general believes in Hollywood that, the big shit blowing up looks really cool.

But still T2 is amazing in its structure, its poetical presence. James does not all the time allow technique to dominate his film, it his poetic visual imagery and understanding of musical notes and it application mostly controls his shots.

He able to placed himself as an artist first then we see another James Cameron with his managerial and technical entities.

Big Blow business but in control manner

Human vs Cyborg, human uncomfortable and tend to contradict with belief, choice and decision.

Machine and Human, relative adaptability, anxiety of human

Another human face in the film, this time a kid , more innocent, edgy, focus or balance point of the film

Another human face, a doctor, cynical perspective of the film, may be perspective of director too.

Another human face, cry out in nuclear destruction, trapped, powerlessness

Feeling nostalgic…ok here is a scene link from T2.

Terminator 2 Judgment Day Intro (Theme Song)

This is title scene of the film T2. We can see here how aesthetically blended the entire shot in a musical rhythm. The  elements of park are shown in slow motion with wonderful composition while flames are in normal motion, which create a definitive lyrical blend captured through smooth camera tracking. James Cameron used flames also in lyrical manner such as it seems like some dancing flames, layer by layers it appears and goes. Sometime white and dark gray black patches of flame appears in moving around right to left, bottom to top and vice-versa.

And last but not least, added treasure in this scene is wonderful back ground score by Brad Fiedel.

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Renegade Eye said...

I attended a screening of the latest Terminator movie. I have to agree with your assessment.

I couldn't wait for the movie to end.

The acting was competent.

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